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The February 15th issue of Packaging Strategies Magazine has a quote from Ecovative’s Sam Harrington. If you want to read the whole magazine, you can subscribe online.

Packaging Strategies asked, “Is there still a disconnect between the package and the brand, and how can that best be bridged in the development process?”

Sam’s answer: ” I think the un-boxing experience is seldom considered and designed to be in-line with a brand’s total intended customer experience. All too often, packaging is designed to be as low cost as possible, with no thought put towards how the customer perceives the packaging materials, or the frustration experienced during the first impressions of their new purchase. I’ve found that most people have a strong dislike of expanded foams and excessive plastic and are delighted when they find a clever alternative.

Sam will be speaking on March 3rd at the 2011 Package Design and Development Summit in St. Petersburg, FL. He’ll be sharing the stage with Dennis Carlson of Steelcase Inc. to share the unique story of collaboration in designing and testing radical new packaging materials.

Written by Ecovative Design

February 16, 2011 at 9:32 am

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