Ecovative Wins Environmental Investment Program Award

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Ecovative Design LLC of Green Island will receive a $200,000 research and development grant to support a $404,000 project to develop and test the performance of two new green products made from organic materials and wastes sourced in New York, including mushroom roots, oat and buckwheat hulls, and paper mill residuals.

Chief Scientist and Cofounder, Gavin McIntyre, said: “Ecovative will leverage the EIP award to match support from private industry in the protective packaging and furniture core industries. The focus of this project is to develop a suite of MycoBond™ materials that surpass the performance of synthetics but are comprised entirely of waste streams from other NYS industries. Using such raw materials that are sourced from within 200 miles of our facility will concurrently reduce the energy consumed during transportation and the burden on municipal landfills. The result will be a significant reduction in embodied energy and a bolstered sustainable competitive advantage over synthetic foams.”

Saint-Gobain also was awarded money to purchase equipment to improve quality control and reduce landfill waste.

ESD Capital District Regional Director Peter Wohl said: “EIP awards are vital to encourage our businesses to make capital investments, research green products and explore the latest in technology developments. Ecovative and Saint-Gobain are both innovative companies that provide good jobs to New Yorkers. We are proud that they call the Capital District home.”

Empire State Development is New York’s chief economic development agency, committed to being recognized on a global scale as the economic development engine driving job growth, strategic investment and prosperity in New York State. ESD is intent on paving the way for New York State to become the leader of the innovation economy and one of the most business friendly, productive and competitive economic development climates in the world.

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October 26, 2010 at 8:01 am

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